You may have seen them around town:  a statuesque woman with red, white and blue sunglasses, tethered to a 3-month old black female Lab.  Rotarian Jeannine Lathum volunteers her weekends to train "Samantha" for life as an "Assist Dog", to be later matched with a disabled Veteran, an autistic, or handicapped individual after training.  NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services) provides the dog for training and works with volunteers who wish to contribute their time and services.  For the intensive 14-month training, Samantha spends her weekdays at the MCI Concord Penitentiary where an inmate trains her.  Samantha sleeps with this individual at night.  Jeannine states that this person has done an outstanding job in training the pup.  On Friday afternoon, however, Jeannine picks Samantha up from MCI for weekend living and training in her home until Sunday afternoon.  That's when local residents get to meet them -- walking through Dedham Center, maybe sitting inside Mocha Java, visiting the Dedham Library, or a place of worship.  Jeannine attests to Samantha's high intelligence, obedience, and that she is quick to learn.  Samantha is also lovable, friendly, and responds positively to those who wish to pat her.